What are the best windows to get in 2020?

What are the best windows to get in 2020?

If 2020 is the year of home renovation for you, then finding the best windows should absolutely be something that you are considering.

While modern builds are always installed with double glazing, older properties may still have single glazed windows fitted, which are likely to be from a bygone era.

Single glazing will not provide any benefits for your home, and so you should always consider getting these replaced with modern, stylish double glazed window versions.

Composite Front Doors

Composite doors are a great way to improve the looks and energy performance rating of your property, a composite door is not only stronger and more hard-wearing than a traditional uPVC door but it will be more energy-efficient.

Composite doors have become much more popular over the last few years and in 2020 they will be the most installed door in the UK.

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Double glazing

House with new windows and snow on the roof

First and foremost, if you get your property fitted with any type of window, ensure that it is double glazed. Double glazed windows are the absolute standard now for keeping homes insulated against the outside elements.

It will instantly upgrade and modernise your home if you currently have older versions fitted.

The visual difference between two homes – one with old, single glazed, and one with double glazed – will be quite substantial. It’s this physical difference that will certainly affect your kerb appeal.


Window heat insulation map

One of the biggest reasons to invest in new double glazing is insulation. Nobody wants to move into a new home with the knowledge that they will have to spend extra money on keeping their house warm.

Double glazed windows have a layer of gas (usually argon, but sometimes krypton) which is incredibly dense, making it a poor conductor of heat – which is exactly what you want in the circumstances.

This will help to ensure that the cold remains well and truly on the outside, and not inside your home.

One of the other forms of insulation that double glazing provides is insulation against noise. Double glazed windows don’t just keep the elements outdoors; they also keep sound down to a minimum too.

This is ideal if you have small children to get to bed, or if you live in a built-up area such as a city. The layer of dense gas sitting in between the two thick glass panels ensures that the outdoors remains outside of your home.

It’s much easier to create your own little indoor bubble if you can’t hear the noise of the outside world leaking through the walls.


There are two main ways in which double glazing can financially benefit you and your property:

By keeping ineffective double glazed windows or single glazed ones in your property, you may be literally throwing money out of the window.

Having to constantly run the heating in order to make up for the hot air escaping is not a financially savvy way of maintaining your property.

In terms of the value of your property, modern double glazing will increase the value of your property if your current windows are old and outdated.

It will be an appealing modern feature that will help prevent your home from slipping into negative equity.

By far, the best windows to get your property for 2020 are double glazed ones. These are the absolute set standard for modern properties, and avoiding them could have a negative impact on the comfort and value of your home.

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